Most people think its because of the business name but in reality its the other way around. Back in 2004 when I started really going crazy with online ventures my clients would think nothing of calling me in the middle of the night and seldom did my phone go unanswered – I was normally working. I'd quite often get “So when was the last time you were outside in the daylight?”, or “Do you go to bed or just blackout in your office chair?”, type comments and once during a conference call with a group of potential clients, someone that had a working relationship with me responded to a question about after hours availability to the effect of, “If its after dark, I call Mike” - it stuck.

So when I was finally ready to start up another business after closing Northern Renovation and Landscape and Starweb Technologies in 2008, I started playing around with word combinations including “after hours” and “after dark”. The business almost became After Dark Development but that was way too narrow for what I had in mind so After Dark Communications, Inc. was born.

So, using one sentence to sum up “Why after dark Mike?” – Because it stuck.